State of Vulnerability Disclosure: Market Insights and Trends by Hackrate

A comprehensive overview of the Vulnerability Disclosure Policy landscape in Europe.

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Our comprehensive E-book includes all about Vulnerability Disclosure Policy

Are you an Information Security Officer wanting to uphold a competitive edge in the cybersecurity landscape? Explore why it’s essential to implement a robust Vulnerability Disclosure Policy (VDP) within your organization.

Use our E-book as your guide. You’ll learn about:

What a VDP is and why it’s a must
The risks of overlooking VDP
Regulatory influences on the industry
The European VDP landscape
How to start your VDP journey
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What’s inside this E-book?

All you need to know about Vulnerability Disclosure Policy, with original research results, market trends, expert insights, best practices, and suggestions to strengthen your organization’s security.

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Managed Vulnerability Disclosure Policy (mVDP)

We help you to establish a process to identify and prioritize vulnerabilities.

Know your weaknesses

Enable the ethical hacker community to report vulnerabilities related to your company that might otherwise go unnoticed.

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Prevent data breach

By fixing your security vulnerabilities, you will effectively mitigate the risk of a potentially catastrophic data breach.

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Validated reports

With the expertise of our professional security team, we help you reduce the resources required to manage reports.

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Discover how we can help

Managed Vulnerability Disclosure Policy (mVDP)

Discover the power of Hackrate’s Managed Vulnerability Disclosure Policy (mVDP) service with our new video.

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Our platform guarantees that reports are encrypted throughout the entire Vulnerability Disclosure Program (VDP) process. Furthermore, our VDP strictly adheres to two ISO standards associated with vulnerability management: ISO/IEC 29147 for vulnerability disclosure and ISO/IEC 30111 for vulnerability handling processes.

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